Tuesday, August 7, 2012

can you say blessed

Ran through some pictures and I couldn't just pass by on this one. I want to share my blessing with you all and show you how blessed I am to have a beautiful, loving, caring, strong, God-fearing, chef of a GRANDMA!!! This post is dedicated to my grann (Haitian Creole word for grandmother). I love her so much and I cherish everyday I'm alive (and she) to talk to her in creole, to smile with her, to hold her hands, to give her snacks, everything! MARGUERITE LUCIDA LAGUERRE,, J'TAIME! beaucoup!!

spreading these lovely fuzzies to you all!



Saturday, August 4, 2012

I suffered,, I learned,, I changed.

I found this on tumblr (I hope it is correct). It stuck with me because I've realized that this is a testament towards growth and progress. I can identify with all three words on many levels!

I suffered:
I have always been fascinated with the meaning (if any), the cause, and reason for suffering/struggles/pain. I often ask people what their opinion is in regards to it. I find that as humans we suffer and experience things that give us 'victory scars' but I'm wondering if 'victory scars' is in fact an interpreted meaning of suffering/struggles/pain. I believe everything happens for a reason-- although there are things that happen in life and I'm left thinking why? Despite the good & bad happenings in our lives (and the suffering/struggles/pain) we experience, it does not alarm me that it is a way in which a person can grow.  After all, we live in a world where a person's job is to issue order by punishment; can there be true justice and equality on earth ?(I guess that is a separate conversation) ...

I learned:
My understanding of this concept (suffering/struggle/pain) is based on my spiritual beliefs, so I try (my best) to be optimistic and positive in the light of grave situations. As a result, I try to learn from the experiences I have. I try to make sense of why I go through certain things that can lead towards making a better version of myself. I spend time with what ever it is I am suffering with and literally ask why and then what can I learn or take from it. This of course is done in reflection. I ask myself why this suffering/struggle/pain and that in turn helps me to think about how or what needs to be changed.

I changed:
I think educating one's self is one of the greatest ways to show yourself love (hopefully you catch my drift..) They say knowledge is power! : ) Educating yourself about your interests and your passions come naturally but learning the hard way- lets say from a broken heart or mistakes is a great way to discover what you dislike, where something went wrong etc. Those questions have quick answers because there is a level of control at hand. Where there is control, there can be change; that is easier said than done. Situations that aren't in your control require digging deep and great determination and will to move forward. ..

You can't change a person but you sure can inspire and change yourself! You have to first see, then want a change in order to make one. There are times where suffering/struggle/pain are teachers and motivators (of change), but more importantly growth & progress |
                                                                                             *I'm speaking from my experience*

Sincerely -late night thinking/browsing



starting over - a testimony

Last Sunday I publicly accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior through my water baptism! I feel incredibly renewed! I grew up in a church but didn't quite take my personal relationship with God serious until college. It was something I knew I wanted to do but I dismissed the thought. I couldn't help but think what life would be like as a newly baptized christian.. and in other words, I was not ready to give up certain things I was comfortable with knowing that I'd be baptized. I knew there were things that I liked that could easily be deemed as un-christian like. I was unsure of some things and did not feel ready to make such a leap and commitment.

I believe the Lord gave me an awareness that jumpstarted the path towards starting over. I was sure that only God was responsible for the happenings in my life, both good and bad. There were certain things happening in my life that I felt like I could only rely on him to get through. I was in a battle against suicidal thoughts, depression, self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear (just to name a few). I was fully aware that only God would provide a way out for me and restore my happiness and joy. Eventually, I reasoned with myself and saw that going back and forth with the idea was enough of a sign to get me to go through with it. I also believe that it was time that I bring my relationship with my Father to another level and what better way but to give myself higher standards w a new challenge.

Living a christian life is hard to explain. I much rather say I try my best to be a good person and strive to do things that are pleasing to him (my heavenly Father). I am human so temptation is real and so is the battle which is not against flesh and blood but with evil authorities and spirits (Ephesians 6:12). Heck, I struggle with self-control in healthy eating choices and shopping; its real out here in these streets! -as one of my friends would say ^_^

I'm sharing my baptism story to also express my excitement for communion. Tomorrow (well today) is the first Sunday and the church I go to holds communion every first Sunday. I am excited to finally be able to honor and remember Christ through the body and blood communal ceremony!

Finally, this post is to encourage ALL readers that having FAITH is essential to living life. Faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1). This definition is one that can be applied in most (all) things. When we create goals and have ambition to achieve something that is not yet a truth, we must operate through faith in order to follow through with that plan. Dreams, in my opinion, can be described as a basket of faith and hope combined. Any challenge requires some sort of faith that the tools are available to overcome what ever it may be. If you can dream and you have hope that all (or most) of your actions are in fact exercised through the faith of it's possibility. My faith is in my Father, God whom I identify as being part of the trinity; The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

To everyone who is struggling in this moment on this journey called life, be comforted through your blessings, and be refreshed and fueled with faith. No hard work is in vain! Joy comes in the morning! Surely after the storm there is a rainbow |

--Sometimes pain bares beauty marks--



Friday, August 3, 2012

Intro . . .

|| Bienvenido, Bonjour & Welcome to Birdsfly!

The sun shines, plants grow, and birdsfly. I'm weirdly infatuated by birds and elephants.  I love the movie Lion King- I mean I love this movie.  It was a childhood fav growing up, I can recite ALL the words, and I also identify as Simba for reasons I'll share in the future :] ..I even called my car Nahla! 


Flight characterizes birds.  I think birds (animals and nature) are reminded examples to us (as people) of how we ought to live.  Many birds have to fly for survival, similarly, we educate ourselves through time, experience, work, and dedication in order to survive.  Once a bird learns to fly it can thrive and that is what I am doing.  I believe once I take flight I can soar and be prosperous only expanding the pride my family and friends have in me.  I'm growing to be independent of my support systems and learning to fly on my own.  When I was little I would watch birds (admiringly), and I always wanted to fly.  I asked "Well God, why didn't you allow us (humans) to fly?"  In flight I saw endless traveling but really I saw freedom.  This is where I am in my life journey.  Birdsfly is the title that lets me (and you!) know that we ought to fulfill our purposes in life not just to survive but to be and feel alive.    

My name is Sarah, the loved ones call me sazu.  I must say I'm super excited about this blog!  I like to think I'm an introspective person so I'm trying something new in extended my personal thoughts.  I plan to share my thoughts with readers in hopes that I provide insight and inspiration |

: )  Cheers to the start of this new blog! 

sincerely ; con amor