Friday, August 3, 2012

Intro . . .

|| Bienvenido, Bonjour & Welcome to Birdsfly!

The sun shines, plants grow, and birdsfly. I'm weirdly infatuated by birds and elephants.  I love the movie Lion King- I mean I love this movie.  It was a childhood fav growing up, I can recite ALL the words, and I also identify as Simba for reasons I'll share in the future :] ..I even called my car Nahla! 


Flight characterizes birds.  I think birds (animals and nature) are reminded examples to us (as people) of how we ought to live.  Many birds have to fly for survival, similarly, we educate ourselves through time, experience, work, and dedication in order to survive.  Once a bird learns to fly it can thrive and that is what I am doing.  I believe once I take flight I can soar and be prosperous only expanding the pride my family and friends have in me.  I'm growing to be independent of my support systems and learning to fly on my own.  When I was little I would watch birds (admiringly), and I always wanted to fly.  I asked "Well God, why didn't you allow us (humans) to fly?"  In flight I saw endless traveling but really I saw freedom.  This is where I am in my life journey.  Birdsfly is the title that lets me (and you!) know that we ought to fulfill our purposes in life not just to survive but to be and feel alive.    

My name is Sarah, the loved ones call me sazu.  I must say I'm super excited about this blog!  I like to think I'm an introspective person so I'm trying something new in extended my personal thoughts.  I plan to share my thoughts with readers in hopes that I provide insight and inspiration |

: )  Cheers to the start of this new blog! 

sincerely ; con amor 



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