Saturday, August 4, 2012

I suffered,, I learned,, I changed.

I found this on tumblr (I hope it is correct). It stuck with me because I've realized that this is a testament towards growth and progress. I can identify with all three words on many levels!

I suffered:
I have always been fascinated with the meaning (if any), the cause, and reason for suffering/struggles/pain. I often ask people what their opinion is in regards to it. I find that as humans we suffer and experience things that give us 'victory scars' but I'm wondering if 'victory scars' is in fact an interpreted meaning of suffering/struggles/pain. I believe everything happens for a reason-- although there are things that happen in life and I'm left thinking why? Despite the good & bad happenings in our lives (and the suffering/struggles/pain) we experience, it does not alarm me that it is a way in which a person can grow.  After all, we live in a world where a person's job is to issue order by punishment; can there be true justice and equality on earth ?(I guess that is a separate conversation) ...

I learned:
My understanding of this concept (suffering/struggle/pain) is based on my spiritual beliefs, so I try (my best) to be optimistic and positive in the light of grave situations. As a result, I try to learn from the experiences I have. I try to make sense of why I go through certain things that can lead towards making a better version of myself. I spend time with what ever it is I am suffering with and literally ask why and then what can I learn or take from it. This of course is done in reflection. I ask myself why this suffering/struggle/pain and that in turn helps me to think about how or what needs to be changed.

I changed:
I think educating one's self is one of the greatest ways to show yourself love (hopefully you catch my drift..) They say knowledge is power! : ) Educating yourself about your interests and your passions come naturally but learning the hard way- lets say from a broken heart or mistakes is a great way to discover what you dislike, where something went wrong etc. Those questions have quick answers because there is a level of control at hand. Where there is control, there can be change; that is easier said than done. Situations that aren't in your control require digging deep and great determination and will to move forward. ..

You can't change a person but you sure can inspire and change yourself! You have to first see, then want a change in order to make one. There are times where suffering/struggle/pain are teachers and motivators (of change), but more importantly growth & progress |
                                                                                             *I'm speaking from my experience*

Sincerely -late night thinking/browsing



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